Contract Programmer

I recently executed on a variety of iPad applications with the talented, agile team at Caravan Interactive, Brooklyn NY.

My development responsibilities included integration of RESTful web-services, creation of local & remote storage of user-generated video and photo content (UGC), low-level interaction with onboard cameras, user interface implementation, memory-management, asset integration, and making the team laugh with timely links to internet videos.

Game & Product Designer

Given its reputation among 'hardcore' gamers, its IPO, its incredibly talented design roster and its cunning business tactics, I think I got as much experience and knowledge in one post-college work year as anyone could.

On Mafia Wars 2 (Facebook) I designed and created game content, made technical recommendations for new design tools, and was the only game designer to design and program my own feature. On Zynga Poker (iOS, Android) I designed new features concentrating on both user engagement (read: fun) and monetization (makin' dat money). I shared responsibility for business operations, built models to form expected outcomes of features in development, and conducted statistical analyses to verify the outcomes of features post-launch.

I organized weekly salon-style Zynga Game Designer lunches which included prominent talent from projects like Dead Space, Spore, Skate, Magic: The Gathering and NFL Blitz. I also got a nice scar playing in Zynga's 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

Game Designer, Programmer and Producer

Danger Barrel was a video game company spawned from the hopes, dreams and sweat of a brilliant team of senior-year game design students at University of California, Santa Cruz.

In addition to my responsibilities in producing our one and only title, Stack & Deploy, I also spearheaded our efforts in securing 2nd place in the University of California, Santa Cruz's annual business plan competition.