Control the music volume by the cursor's distance to the Story Star.
Click the Story Star to progress the story and make a new Story Star.
Click other stars to explore my internal dialogue.

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Seul was created as an experiment in sorting out my own hang-ups through game design. I thought that instead of carrying the baggage of my own personal history around till the end of time, I would totemize it and put it on display as something I actually enjoyed making. In this way, I think the process may have been more important to me than the product. I hope you enjoy it all the same.


Seul was developed in Flash using Adoble Flash Builder with the wonderful API Flixel and its extension Flixel Power Tools, developed by Adam 'Atomic' Saltsman and Richard Davey respectively. My thanks go out to both of them for making such great software. I also used the great tweening API TweenLite by greensock. Thanks greensock!

I Ain't Too Proud...

It takes high-quality books, wine and women to excavate my neuroses and turn them into something enjoyable. If you enjoy 'Seul' and want to see more games like it, please donate a buck or two and I'll be sure to put it towards one of the three.